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The Last Night Of Chanukah

New Release, Available Dec 3 in time for Chanukah 2012!

"The Last Night of Chanukah" an evening of music and stories with Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield, live concert, recorded in Ashland, OR, December 2000.

  • Welcome
  • La'yehudim Haita Ora
  • Tzaddik's Niggun
  • Hanayrot Halalu
  • Chanukah Blessings
  • Ma'oz Tzur
  • For the Miracles
  • Ivdu Hashem B'simcha
  • The Holy Rabbi of Karlin (Story)
  • You Turn My Mourning Into Dancing
  • Holy Beings In Hell (Story)
  • Not By Might
  • Reb Arla Roth (Story)
  • Where Can I Go From Your Presence
  • They Will Not Hurt Nor Destroy & Holy Mountain I
  • Simcha L'artzecha
  • Od Yavo Shalom
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As The Deer Yearns & Wings of Peace

Wings of Peace & As The Deer Yearns

Now a digitally remastered double CD!

Wings of Peace

  • Wings of Peace
  • Wedding Dance
  • Gam Kee Aylayh
  • Pit-hu Lee
  • Kee Heelatzta
  • Shir Hag'ula/Redemption Song
  • The Time of Song Has Come
  • Healing Song

As The Deer Yearns

  • As The Deer Yearns
  • Kee Bsimha
  • Holy Mountain (I)
  • Holy Mountain (II)
  • The Return
  • Open to Me
  • Barhee Nafshee
  • Shiru Ladonai
  • Avraham
  • Sarah
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Reb Aryeh: A Tribute in Images & Music


Recently created by friends of Reb Aryeh, A Tribute to Rabbi Aryeh: Images & Music spans some thirty years in the life of our beloved rabbi. Presented in slideshow format with several of Reb Aryeh's most popular songs.

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Sulam Hahayrut

Sulam Hahayrut: The Ladder of Freedom

A Passover Hagadah

In April, 1997, Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield wrote the following introduction:

This hagadah contains much of the liturgy found in traditional Passover hagadot (plural of 'hagadah'). Many, though not all, of the English translations and renderings of the prayers contained herein could be called 'non-traditional;' in that they are non-sexist (inclusive), non-xenophobic, and speakable for contemporary people. In this regard I have relied very heavily on the ground-breaking work of Rabbi Burt Jacobson and that of my beloved mentor Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. A number of the translations, renderings, and prayers are my own, or are combinations of someone else's work and mine. The running commentary which accompanies these liturgical pieces is a synthesis of my own thoughts on the exodus story along with those of a number of other writers and teachers, particularly Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi שליטא and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, of blessed memory. I have also drawn on Arthur Waskow's Rainbow Seder, The Rabbinical Assembly's A Passover Haggadah, edited by Michael Strassfeld, and Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi's Kabbalah and Exodus.

Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield
Portland, Oregon, Nisan 5757

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Let The Healing Begin

Let the Healing Begin

Live concert recorded August of 1992 in Freiburg, Germany.

  • Sarah
  • Ayshet Chayil
  • The Healing Song
  • Niggun
  • The Song of Ruth
  • Ivdu Hashem B'simcha
  • Shalom
  • Y'vareh-ch'-cha
  • Shuva Hashem
  • The Angel Song
  • Shiru Ladonai
  • Holy Mountain
  • Ayshet Chayil
  • Shalom
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Batee L'ganee -- I've Entered My Garden

Batee L'ganee: I've Entered My Garden

  • The Tzadik Niggun 1991
  • Batee L'ganee 1992 Songs of Songs
  • Hayoshevet Baganeem 1978 Songs of Songs
  • Shalom Alaychem 1993 Traditional Friday night liturgy
  • L'cha Dodee 1994 Traditional Friday night liturgy (freely translated and expanded by Reb Zalmen Schachter-Shalomi, A. Hirschfield; Music: A. Hirschfield
  • Y'shakaynee 1990 Songs of Songs
  • How Beautiful You Are 1992 Songs of Songs
  • Havu Ladonai 1997 Psalm 29
  • Out of the Depths 1980 Psalm 130, with additonal words by A. Hirschfield
  • Time Has Come 1990 Isaiah 65, 66
  • Simcha L'artzecha Amidah, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur liturgy; melody by Rabbi Schlomo Carlebach, z'l
  • Eagle Song 1991 Isaiah 40
  • Shomayr Yisrael 1998 Psalm 131
  • Kee Ta-avor 1997 Isaiah 43
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