About the Jamaican Breakfast Club

Finally, you can see our school in Sav and some of the 48 kids who benefit from your generosity. The school day is divided into morning and afternoon classes so I didn't get to photograph all 48 children, but you can enjoy these sweet faces pictured here!  I had the opportunity to visit the Cooke Street School twice. One day was a regular school day and the other was for a party. I was quite the novelty as they don't get visitors from "foreign" (U.S.) as a rule.  I was honored to represent all of you and received some seriously delicious attention! Everyone is so grateful to us and of course, the work continues.


Another project, separate from our breakfast program that I had the joy to be a part of was the building of a playground in the community of Belmont where I stay. (see photos on the other side). Some locals and I constructed a treehouse in a beautiful mango tree, a sandbox, a see-saw, swings and a climbing apparatus made of tires in a vacant lot where the older boys play football (you know, soccer!). Some materials were donated by local businesses and some were scavenged in the hills. We then held a "pickney" (kids) fun day at the playground with games, sack races, face and fingernail painting, food, music and dancing. A local artist and sign painter led the kids in painting on boards that are now displayed at the playground.  The party continued into the night. We also asked the Coconut Board to donate 40 small coconut trees which we planted with the kids the next day on the lane to create a coconut alley! 


And I leave again for the island March 12 with Richie and Isaiah. We will be building a fence for the women I stay with so they can grow some food that the free range goats won't be able to get!

So much love, gratitude and respect,